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Places to Check a Moving Companies’ Reputation

Trying to find a reputable moving company in your price range can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Do NOT just go online and go with the first company that you find. The last thing you want to do is become a moving statistic, so doing some research is important.

Places to Check a Moving Companies’ Reputation

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Harness the power of the Internet. Add the word “reviews” after you type in the name of the moving company you are considering. Moving company review websites will show up, including but not limited to the following websites.

• Angie’s List
• Google Reviews
• Yelp
• Better Business Bureau (BBB)
• Moverreviews.com
• Mymovingreviews.com

These websites are for customers only to post reviews, so read as many as you can for the companies you are considering. If you notice the reviews are ALL good that should be a clear sign that they are fake reviews posted by the moving company.

Ideally, you’ll want to see a mix of reviews (good and bad). Simply put – there should be bad reviews, intermediate reviews and definitely good reviews. You should see a trend with each! If the reviews are mostly good, chances are you’ve got a good company. Also, look at the responses that the moving company made to the bad reviews – this will be in the comments.

For example – when a customer posts an awful review about the movers showing up late, the items were all broken, and the customer service was horrendous, etc. Fact – Angry customers tend to go overboard with their negative reviews, it’s important to read between the lines and get the truth.

Again – Look at the company’s response. Was there a snow storm that caused the truck drivers to be late? Could the items have broken due to the way they were packed? It is important to look for an apology from the company as well, or if a refund was given. Use your common sense card and make an educated evaluation.

Yelp and the BBB are two very important review sites to consider. Let’s take a look at Yelp first. Yelp only posts reviews when you are an active Yelper. You should take a look at the filtered reviews on Yelp along with the live/published reviews. Look at all reviews and comments.

The Better Business Bureau has reviews that are important to read, and read the complaints too! This will show how the company resolved them. Angie’s List is a great source of reviews and ratings because these are customers who pay for their memberships and use this as an important resource. As a result, you will find Angie’s List reviews more detailed and credible.

After all of the websites above have been reviewed, ask the moving company you are considering for the name and phone number of a previous customer to speak with. Ask for customer references! They should be able to provide you with someone if they are in fact a reputable company.

Lastly, check out YouTube and look for customer video reviews.

Newer moving companies will have less reviews – this doesn’t mean that they are a bad company – it all depends on how the moving company responds to reviews and what reviews are active.

Once you have done your research, speak with the moving company representatives and ask all questions and/or concerns you may have. They should be able to help you – if not, move on and look for another moving company.

If you are looking for a senior moving company, look into Moves for Seniors. Moves for Seniors is a sister company of Transit Systems. so if you have trouble finding reviews for Moves for Seniors, look up Transit Systems as well. Both companies are very reputable!

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