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The Moves For Seniors Difference

Moves for Seniors is dedicated to providing solutions for seniors, their families, and the Communities in which they live during what can be an overwhelming transition period. Whether you are a Senior looking to relocate or a Senior Community looking for support, our Senior Move Specialists have the tools and experience to provide the perfect solution for any senior moves or relocation projects. 

We’ve successfully downsized and moved thousands of seniors across the US since our founding in 2007 with our local and vetted team of experts. Moving and relocation services are available nationally.

The Senior Move Specialist Experience

Our Senior Move Specialists provide consistent and excellent customer care during your move or relocation. Depending on which services you need, whether it be downsizing, local support, long distance moves, move planning and organizing, or estate cleanouts, our specialists can tailor the perfect solution.

The Leading Provider of Move-Related & Senior Move Services

At Moves For Seniors, our expertise lies in offering tailored relocation solutions designed exclusively for seniors and those who care for them. Let us help ensure a smooth and straightforward transition. 

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The Ideal Partner for Senior Living Communities

Moves for Seniors is the only company that can help your incoming and current residents with all their move-related needs as well as act as an extension of your team to solve internal logistical challenges. 

Why Choose Us?


Senior Moving and Community FAQs

Are there movers who specialize in working with seniors?

Most movers will move seniors, but don’t have specific expertise in doing so. Moves for Seniors was founded expressly to serve this audience by developing this expertise and the needed resources. Our team has all worked in various senior services and our providers are selected based on their approach and service quality. Because we also partner with Senior Living Communities, we have the added insight of what they require during moves and can communicate with them to keep things running smoothly.

What kind of services do seniors need when moving?

Downsizing is often the #1 area that Moves for Seniors sees seniors needing help with as they even start to consider a move. Getting help with assessing belongings and developing a plan for what can stay vs go is critical. Then actually sorting everything and doing the cleanout also require assistance - from the actual heavy lifting to overseeing and managing the entire process. Junk removal, donation delivery, and shipping items to family all are part of that process. Moves for Seniors offers all these services, in addition to packing, local or long distance moving, and resettling into the new home. We strive to act as a one-stop-shop for all move-related needs.



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