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Company-Wide Moving Solutions

Let our specialists do the heavy lifting for your Senior Living Community

Moves for Seniors offers a complete range of senior living moving resources tailored to the moving needs of owners and operators of senior living communities.

Our turn-key solutions help to create consistency and efficiency at the organizational level, reduce risk and liability costs at the community level, and enhance the transition experience at the resident level. If you own or operate a single community or a portfolio of hundreds of communities across the country, our senior community moving services programs can positively impact your organization’s top line and bottom line.

Moves for Seniors partners with seniors and their families to plan and manage all downsizing and moving needs. Whether it’s a move from 10 miles away or 2,000 miles away,  our options cover a range of timing, budget, and support needs. Some popular services include decluttering, cleanouts, junk removal and donation delivery, packing, local or long-distance moving, and resettling into the new home.

Intra-Community Moving

Have a resident moving from one unit to another in your senior living community? Moves for Seniors offers various moving services to set your residents up for success and comfort in their new unit. Let Moves for Seniors do the heavy lifting for your intra-community move.

New Community Lease-Up

Make the lease signing short, sweet, and to the point with our supplemental services. Moves for Seniors works directly with your sales and marketing team at the community or corporate level to implement best practices and programs to expedite the process and incentivize new lease signings.

Risk Management

Reduce risk to your community with Moves For Seniors’ local move and labor services. Take advantage of our licensed, insured, and heavily vetted partners in your area, save money, remove risk to employees, and avoid property damage.

Emergency Relocations

If your community has a burst pipe, flood, fire, or a weather event, Moves for Seniors will transport resident belongings and supplies to any location needed. At Moves for Seniors, safety is our priority for residents and their belongings.

Employee Relocation Services

If you have employees in your community, chances are they might need personal moving-related services at some point. As a partner with Moves for Seniors, your employees get to enjoy a discount on moving services that they book through us.

Incoming Resident

Moves for Seniors partners with communities to plan and manage incoming senior moving needs. Whether it’s a move from 10 miles away or 2,000 miles away, our options cover a range of timing, budget, and support needs.