Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Many seniors are starting to look into the benefits of moving into a senior living facility. Some are feeling lonely and looking for companionship and others are not able to do maintenance around the house like they used to – either way, making the senior move can benefit seniors in multiple ways.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities

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The following are some of the many benefits of senior living communities.

• 3 Meals per day (with options)
• Fully paid for cable TV as well as utilities
• Weekly household cleaning, including linens
• Transportation to local shipping (Walmart, CVS, etc.) and to (doctors, etc.) appointments
• Pet friendly with restrictions on sizes
• Access to free laundry facility
• Free parking
• TV and computer rooms
• Exercise equipment
• Full social calendar of senior activities

Keep in mind, all senior living communities are different and offer different benefits, so the items listed above may not be available everywhere, but they are available at Holiday Retirement. Holiday Retirement is the second largest nationwide senior living facility. They have 300 communities in 46 US states and 7 Canadian Providences.

One of the perks of Holiday Retirement is their “Holiday Travel Program.” This program allows residents to stay up to 7 days in any of their 300 facilities nationwide.

When looking into Senior Living Communities, find out what perks they have and compare them to others. Figure out what would benefit your living situation the most. For example, 5 Star Quality Care offers “The Healthy Generation” program which includes activities such as “Brain Fitness,” dining out, field trips (shows, cruises, sporting events), and in-house entertainment.

Holiday Retirement and 5 Star Quality Care are only two of the many senior living communities available, so make sure you do your research, but know that there are many benefits of moving!

And when the time comes for your senior move, contact Moves for Seniors. We offer a Specialty Move Coordinator to help organize your move and everything you will need, including a senior checklist.

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