How to Ship Awards

How to Ship Your Child’s Prized Awards

Have you built a shrine to your son’s football memories from when he used to play college football? Or maybe you have a spot in your basement, or even in your living room showcasing awards your daughter acquired during her many years on the swim team. Whether you have a son or a daughter, no […]

Estate Planning and Shipping

Estate Planning and Shipping

As morbid as the task may seem, early planning and arranging regarding the handling of your estate may help eliminate uncertainties regarding the goals you established for the estate. Also, your goals will be more clearly communicated to whomever the designated beneficiaries are in the event of your passing.

Caregiver Responsibilities

7 Primary Responsibilities of a Senior Caregiver

Senior caregiving is one of the most rewarding experiences in life but can often times be a challenge, both mentally and physically. Being a caregiver comes with great responsibility; it helps to prepare yourself prior becoming a senior caregiver. Start by reading the 7 primary responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

Shipping Grandma's Cookbook

Packing Grandma’s Cookbook for Shipping

Grandma always makes the best food! Whether she is making her homemade apple pie, her classic vege pizza or her yummy homemade donuts for Donut Day, Grandma’s recipes are quite often handed down from generation to generation. That is why it is important to take extra care when packing Grandma’s recipe book for shipping!

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8 States That Will Warm Up Your Winter

Looking to warm up your winter? As winter approaches, hundreds of thousands of snowbirds are preparing for their annual move from the north, escaping to warmer climates. Of course you will be spending more than three months far far away from the long, cold winters of the North, but are you sure which destination is […]

Senior Relaxation Tips

Essential Senior Moves to Help You Relax

Moving is stressful for all people involved, but for seniors it is even more stressful. All of the things that came easy to people in the 30s and 40s even some in their 50s are not so simple in your 60s, 70s and definitely not simple for those in their 80s. Packing boxes, lifting heavy […]

Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine for Better Sleep

Moving Seniors Out of Insomnia

Moving at any age can cause stress, leading to poor sleep habits, but for seniors it only adds to their trouble sleeping. The first step to figuring out how to go to sleep is to identify the problem. Identify the Route of Your Sleep Problems First you need to determine what exactly is causing your […]