Benefits of a Specialty Move Coordinator

What are the Benefits of a Specialty Move Coordinator?

Specialty Move Coordinators are experts who assist older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation. Many have backgrounds in gerontology, social work and project management. They all have a desire to preform meaningful work. There are many benefits to hiring a Specialty Move Coordinator and we have highlighted the main […]

How to Move Alone

How to Pack Alone

Sometimes finding someone to help with a senior move can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. There are ways to pack up and move alone with limited to no help. The best way is to start early and stay well organized.. Below are excellent tips on how to pack alone and to be prepared for […]

Green Senior Moving Tips

‘Go Green’ Senior Moving Tips

Moving and shipping needs vary for every customer. But, the one thing that remains the same for everyone who is moving – saving money. A great way to save money on specialty moving and shipping is to ‘go green.’ This is a great way to help with your budget as well as reduce waste in […]

Home Safety Considerations for Seniors

Home Safety Considerations When Relocating Parents

Everyday there are senior relocations, whether that is moving your parents into assisted living, or a retirement community. With the relocation to their new home, you can help reduce the potential for injury by taking the proper precautions. The best way to prevent in-home accidents, prepare and make the changes prior to their senior move. […]

Items You Shouldn't Move as a Senior

Items You Shouldn’t Move Yourself

There are years of sentimental items in your home including furniture that you wouldn’t give up even if someone paid you. But that doesn’t mean you should move it yourself. There are items that you shouldn’t physically move because it may cause injury. There are also items that we highly recommend not sending with movers. […]

Exercise Has Many Benefits to Seniors

How Exercise is Beneficial to Moving

Moving causes high stress levels, whether you are a senior rightsizing or moving into a one story home, when you are under this kind of stress you can feel a high amount of anxiety and depression. Exercise is extremely beneficial to a senior moving. Exercise not only boosts energy, helps you maintain independence, manage symptoms […]

Donating Items When Downsizing

How to Help a Senior with Rightsizing

Rightsizing is an inevitable part of moving, but for a senior it is a daunting life event. They have gathered so many memories and ‘stuff’ over the decades that they have lived in their home. You can expect your parent or senior friend to experience more heartache and discomfort about the move. The main problem […]