Essential Senior Moves to Help You Relax

Moving is stressful for all people involved, but for seniors it is even more stressful. All of the things that came easy to people in the 30s and 40s even some in their 50s are not so simple in your 60s, 70s and definitely not simple for those in their 80s.

Senior Relaxation Tips

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Packing boxes, lifting heavy furniture, fixing household appliances and even running to the store for supplies can be 100 times harder as you get older. Your legs don’t move as quickly, you aren’t able to climb on a stool to get items out of your top cabinet and getting in and out of the car just isn’t the same.

This is why learning relaxation techniques and how to de-stress as a senior can be a huge help, especially as you are moving. Relaxation tips are helpful if used in your everyday life and are important to incorporate in your daily routine.

Tips to Reduce Stress

Below are some great tips to reduce stress and promote relaxation during your senior move:

Listen to Music – Choose your favorite music; this could be some of your old vinyl records or new music on you Amazon App. Take a half an hour in a place free from disturbance and free your mind of stress and just relax! Music is an excellent relaxation therapy.

Turn on the TV – Take time to yourself and escape into a TV show or an old movie. Leave your worries behind and let your mind go into the TV.

Write a Letter – It can be very helpful to write down all of your worries and fears. Force them out of your mind and put them on paper. This allows your worries to get off of your chest.

Escape to a Fantasy World – Take 15- 30 minutes and escape your everyday problems and worries and go to a fantasy world. That means let your mind go back to a time or a location, real or imaginative that meant a lot to you. Go to Disney World again with your kids, go back to your honey moon or take yourself to a foreign country that you have never been and imagine what it would feel like to boat on the Riviera!

Doing Something You Love - Ways to Relax

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Do Something You Love – Think about your favorite thing to do and do it! Go to an elegant restaurant, go to a movie, take a walk in the park or go visit your grandkids! Anything you like to do – take time to yourself.

Take a Bath – Draw yourself a warm bubble bath, light some candles and relax in a warm bathtub! Can’t beat that for relaxation.

These tips can be repeated as many time as needed to help you relax. Listen to music and then continue to pack. Packing and unpacking can also cause stress; which is where utilizing a relaxation tip will help relieve these feelings.