How to Fit Furniture in Your Senior Living Apartment

Purchasing furniture for your new senior living apartment is fun and even exciting. But there is more to it than comfort – you need to make sure you have the room for the furniture and that it fits with the style of your home.

How to Fit Furniture in Your Senior Living Apartment

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We have created a list of steps to follow for purchasing new furniture or even if you are trying to use old furniture in your new home. They don’t need to be followed exactly, but we do recommend you keep them all in mind before going shopping!

1. Measure – This may seem like an obvious place to start but sometimes the most obvious things are exactly what we forget. Take out your measuring tape (or if you don’t have one, your yard stick) and measure the size of your room – keeping in mind the size of the wall you plan on putting each piece will help you pick which furniture pieces are viable options.

2. Create a floor plan – Draw out a basic plan for your room before you bring in the furniture. This can be easily done with a sketch book and a pencil or it can be more formal using grid paper. And for the seniors with aspiring graphic designers for children, there are many programs that they can use to help you create a floor plan on their computer. All they need to do is Google “floor plan programs.”

3. Stage your apartment – Now that you have a basic (or advanced) idea of what your senior living apartment will look like, bring it to life. Take some masking tape or whatever tape you have and create your living room using real life sizes to see exactly how much space your furniture will take up and if there will be any space left over. **This might be difficult to do on your own, please ask a relative to help.

4. Think about how you’ll use the furniture – Before you purchase new furniture you need to know what type of furniture you will need. This makes a huge difference in what type of furniture you should buy/bring.

5. Match the furniture to the apartment’s natural architecture – Is there an old fireplace that you should accent with rustic furniture or is it is a modern room that would benefit from modern furniture? Keep the style of your apartment in mind while making the big purchase.

6. Look at the lighting situation – How much light your room has depends on the windows and the amount of sunlight being brought in. Is there overhead lighting or will you need a few desk lamps to brighten the room up? This will help you determine how many and what type of end tables you will need.

Now that you have assessed your living situation, it is time to plan your move to a senior living facility. If you go out looking at furniture and decide what you have works better than buying new furniture, then call Move for Seniors.

Moves for Seniors will help with both getting you into a senior living facility as well as shipping your furniture to your new apartment.

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