How to Pick a Date for your Senior Move

Choosing a date to move into your senior living facility is an imperative part of the moving process. With a senior living community, you may not have as much flexibility regarding an exact date, but you should definitely inquire about it. Speak with your senior living community and find out how flexible their schedule is, then call a reputable moving company and see what their calendar looks like.

How to Pick a Date for your Senior Move

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Your moving date will highly depend on the senior living community but there will also be other important factors to consider for your situation.

Price and Time

The price of when you choose to move will vary depending on the time of year, day of the week and even time of the day. The more flexible you are, the better price. If you can avoid the upcoming busy season (June to October), weekends and holidays, you will have a better chance at a reasonable price. Also, if you are flexible with changing your moving date or if you do not have a specific time of the day that you prefer.

Many people want to move first thing in the morning or on a Saturday, but these are the busiest times for movers. If you can, avoid these times. So many people are on the road and moving around during these times that it makes it more difficult on the movers which is why you see a higher price as well as there is a bigger demand.

Find out what your local moving company has available and be flexible; this could lead to a better price and easier transition into your new home.


There is a high percentage of seniors who are taking prescription medicine, whether you are diabetic, have high blood pressure or take a baby aspirin daily, this plays a very important role in your moving date.

Medicine is very important for the more specific, hard to order prescriptions. You need to make sure that you find a pharmacy that can get your medicine in the time that you need it. Make sure that you have discussed this with your doctor and pharmacy and that your prescription will arrive on time or that you have enough to hold you over until it is available.


Believe it or not, distance plays an important role in your decision. How far are you moving? Do you need to travel overnight or do you need to book a flight? These questions need to be factored into your date.

Speak with your moving company about delivery dates. If your date of delivery is an approximate week rather than a specific day, you may want to fly the week after to give your stuff time to arrive and ask that someone in the facility show the movers where to put your things. It is so much better for your items to arrive before you do. Make sure to tell your movers that you will be traveling and that you need the ‘real’ time delivery.


Many seniors devote their time and efforts to a charity. This, also, needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a moving date. Be sure to give the organization a heads up that you will no longer be available to help. They may request that you stay another week or two to transition your responsibilities. Take this into consideration.

Moving isn’t complicated, but it is complex. The more planning and preparation that you take, the better and smoother move you will have.

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