Safety Products for Seniors on the Move

Talking a walk outside, walking around your home, and getting in and out of a chair becomes more difficult as we age. Seniors are interested in being mobile just like the younger generations, which is why there are a few (much needed) safety products available to assist seniors with their daily tasks.

Safety Products for Seniors on the Move

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Let’s take a look at the two most commonly used mobility senior safety products:

Rolling Walker – These are very popular with seniors for a reason, they help people with issues of balance and walking. They also help strengthen your muscles. There are three and four wheeled walkers for all of your walking needs. The four wheeled walker with a cushioned seat is the safest and allows for the senior to take a break if needed. Many walkers come with baskets to put cell phones, key cards, etc.

Scooter – The scooter is an excellent source for getting around. It is much more expensive than a walker, but if you plan on moving around a lot and you tire quickly, than this is your best bet. Many seniors use these on trips, such as a family trip to Disney or a European adventure. These can be rented on location (for a trip) as well as purchased for in home use.

Other great senior safety products include:

Uplifting Seat – These eliminate the struggle of getting out of a chair and help prevent falling as well. There are multiple types of uplifting chairs – ones that go on top of the furniture you already have, and ones where the whole chair moves up and down. They can both be found at Elder Depot. Both are very helpful; which one you purchase depends on your budget and how much help you require.

Rails & Gripping Handles – Look for areas around your home where you are struggling, such as steps, the bathroom and doorways. These are the areas where you would benefit from railings and gripping handles.

Cushioned Bath Mats – These will help prevent slipping in the bathroom. Also, the cushioned mat helps absorb the impact of an unplanned fall.

Padded Bed Rail – Provides both support in and out of the bed. These prevent people from falling out of bed at night, but it also provides support when standing and getting into bed. It easily pivots down to allow easy entry.

Ramps – There are many types of ramps available. These are helpful in doorways where there is a lift, as well as on a step for your wheelchair, rolling walker or scooter.

Non-Skid Socks – This is more of a tip that can help if you are not wearing shoes, invest in nonskid socks! These prevents falls for people not big into footwear!

Moving seniors as well as their furniture is what Moves for Seniors specializes in. We are in and out of senior living facilities weekly, giving us the knowledge to help seniors with their safety needs. We also can provide seniors with a Specialty Move Coordinator to help with their move.

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