Senior Living Community Pollyanna Ideas

Pollyanna, or Secret Santa, not sure what you are accustomed to calling it, but this year your senior living community is doing it and you have no idea what to purchase. It needs to be at a specific price point and gender neutral; something that everyone will enjoy.

If you are not aware of how Chinese Pollyanna’s work, they work in the following way: All the gifts are placed in the middle of the room and all the participants choose a number. The person who gets #1 chooses and opens the first gift. Person #2 then has the option of taking the gift from person #1 or choosing their own from the pile. This continues all the way through until the last person goes. It can get crazy when everyone wants the same gift. You want a high number!

Below are a few great ideas for your senior living holiday party this year:

Playing Cards & Board Games

Senior Living Pollyanna Ideas

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Most seniors enjoy playing cards and board games. Invest in a new pack of cards – try Canasta, Bridge or Pinnacle! You can’t go wrong with these. Or if you prefer a board game, try Scrabble or Monopoly – two classics!

Popcorn and a Movie

Senior Living Pollyanna Ideas

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People love to watch movies but not everyone likes the same type of movie. You could wrap up a nice throw blanket with a movie gift card. Or you could purchase a movie theater gift card for two; if you have more money to spend, add an extra couple of dollars to the cost of the ticket so that they can get snacks and a drink as well.

Gift Cards are always welcome. Try a local (local to the community) restaurant. A grocery store, home improvement, or department store is always appreciated.

Holiday & Home Decorations

Senior Living Pollyanna Ideas

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Home Décor such as frames, candles, or holiday decorations are gender neutral and can either be used or are a great re-gift.

Gift Basket. There are many types of gift baskets that you could try. A “coffee” theme basket with mugs, coffee, a baked good and a gift card to a bakery. Or a “holiday” basket that includes a new decoration, holiday glasses/plates, candles, and one of those cute cookie jars that has the batter and all you need to do is add a few ingredients. Again this may be exactly what someone is looking for or a great re-gift.

And remember, if there is a price limit, stick to it. You don’t want to buy a $50 gift when it is a $25 limit or under spend and look cheap. There is a limit for a reason; it makes it fair and much more enjoyable.

Let us know what you did for your holiday party! We are always looking for good gift ideas, even if not for a holiday senior living party but for a “hard to buy” friend or family member!

Again, Happy Holidays from Moves for Seniors!