Shipping Grandpa’s Poker Table

Do you and your friends at the senior living facility enjoy playing games? What about poker? Poker is fun for all ages (over 21) but can get a little complicated when you try to play in the lounge without the proper equipment.

Shipping Grandpa's Poker Table

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Whether or not you are a serious poker player or just having fun, you need to ship your poker table from your storage facility or maybe from your son who has been storing it for you. Either way, contact your son or daughter and ask them to ship your table today!

First, start by making sure your table and chips are in a bag.  Many poker tables are sold with a bag, but if not you can find one on Amazon and have it shipped to your child, who can then secure it in the bag.

After it has been bagged, contact a shipping company, such as Moves for Seniors, and find out what they need from you.  Most companies will require the weight and dimensions of the table, along with the pick up and delivery zip codes.  These four things will help with the quote.  Shipping quotes are free, so that is easy!

Next, ask how you can save money.  Many companies will charge less if your item is boxed.  This is simple as well – again check Amazon for a box that your table can easily fit into.  If you are having trouble finding a box, ask your shipping company to provide you with a link to exactly where you can get a box.

Some companies also will give you a discount if you delivery your item to the terminal. Since you will need your poker table delivered directly to your senior living facility, we recommend asking your son or daughter if they can drive the table to a local terminal.  This could save you up to $100.

Lastly and most important, label your box.  Your box should have your name and the name of your senior living facility on the box, as well as your room number.  There are many boxes loaded on a moving truck, so make sure it is large and clear exactly where your box should go.  You may even want to include a phone number, in case the movers have any questions.

Below are a few random tips to remember when shipping your poker table:

– Take photos of the table before it is loaded into the truck, as well as immediately after delivery (before the truck drivers leave).

– Make sure the table is not able to move inside the box – this will prevent shifting and damage to the table.

– Do your research and choose a reputable moving company.

– If you pick a less than truckload (LTL) shipping company their delivery is an estimate.  They can charge less because they fill their trucks as they drive.  This means if they say it will arrive in 2-3 weeks, it could be more – so this type of shipping is for the patient customer looking to save money and in no hurry for their items.

And when the times comes to ship, call Moves for Seniors and we will help with your poker game, and we aren’t bluffing!

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