Tips for Small Space Senior Living

Rightsizing into a small, senior living apartment from your family home that you have lived in for decades can be difficult. Attempting to figure out what furniture to bring, what to store and what to sell is a complicated process, which is why we have created a page for rightsizing, along with this blog to help make your small space appear larger as well as to make the most of the space.

Tips for Small Space Senior Living

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The most important this to keep in mind when moving into a small space is to remember that you are the only one living there, which means, do not worry about where your guests will sit. Trying to have enough seating for guests in a small space is difficult and unrealistic. Your friends and family will visit, but let them worry about where they will sit when they come – for now, only think about yourself and your spouse if you are moving together.

Below are some strategies for moving into a small space apartment. The first tips are types of furniture that will fit well in your senior living apartment, followed by some general tips for keeping your space seem larger.

Furniture that will fit well in a small apartment include the following.

Love seat, chair and a half and a recliner. Plan on selling your full size couch, it will not fit properly in your new apartment. If you are attached to you set, sell it to a family member so you can visit it and plan on keeping the smaller pieces.

Consider built-ins and modular furniture.

Use dual purpose items, such as an ottoman with storage. This is a very important item. Dual purpose means choosing not only a coffee table but one with ottomans stored underneath of it. Pick a piece of furniture that can be used not only as one but as two.

Storage bed. A storage bed either lifts up or has a drawer that pulls out underneath. These will not work for all seniors as they can be difficult to lift or pull. Visit the store (if you are able) and figure out if this will work for your situation.

Nesting tables. These can be pulled out and pushed in for more space when needed – again a dual purpose.

Armoire. A thin, tall armoire can be perfect for your new home as it will provide you with added shelving and closet space.

Small kitchen table. You will need a table for eating, but you do not need the long one you have had for years in your dining room with the leaf. Consider selling your large dining room table and purchasing a small table with 2-4 chairs, depending on the size of your space.

Small space living tip – Go up, which means use the space from the floor to the ceiling.

Small space living tips to help give your apartment the illusion of more space.

• Hang a mirror.
• Avoid taking up floor space.
• Match the color of your furniture with the color of the walls and the chairs will disappear into the walls.
• Keep clutter confined to one area, preferably in a cabinet or closet.

Remember when you are planning for a senior move into a smaller space, take a look at your inventory first, you may be able to make an antique piece of furniture work for your situation and use the tips above when figuring out your floor plan.

And when the time comes to move, call Moves for Seniors. We have Specialty Move Coordinators available to help with all aspects of moving.

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