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What to Expect on Moving Day

Preparing for a move and moving are two completely different tasks. While they both require extensive planning and organizing the actual move requires more physical exertion; such as moving furniture and boxes. Once the planning and preparation are complete, moving day arrives. Below are the top five items that seniors tend to forget on moving day.

What to expect on moving day

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Moving truck parking. Make sure that there is ample space for the moving truck to park when it arrives. This may mean keeping a few spaces open in the front of your home or making sure there is access in the back of the residence. If you are moving from a single family home, make sure your driveway is clear and that the truck can get in from the street.

TIP – Depending on the size of the items being moved, a moving company may be able to accommodate limited parking room with a smaller truck.

Communicate with your neighbors. Be sure to provide your neighbors with prior knowledge that there will be a large moving truck coming and when. They may have noise concerns or parking objections that you should figure out prior to moving day.

Communicate with your movers. Always keep the lines of communication open with your movers. The more communication you provide, the better experience you will have. If you would like something moved with specific care and instructions, feel free to express that. They are there to serve you.

Return all keys. Collect all keys from your significant other, friends and family. Be sure to return them in the appropriate amount of time. Don’t forget any extra keys such as your mail key or a shed key. Return those as well to avoid replacement fees.

Provide directions to your new home. The movers will need to know exactly where they are transporting your belongings. You may provide them with exact directions or simply give them the address to use GPS navigation. Anyone else who is helping with the move will need directions as well.

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