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Easiest Way to Transition Senior Caregiving Responsibilities

As a caregiver, you are part of a community of supportive people taking care of a family member or good friend. No matter how long you have been a caregiver, you’ve played an important part in someone’s life. At some point it may become time to transition your responsibilities to another person.

Easiest Way to Transition Caregiving Responsibilities

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This change could be for many reasons. Maybe you are moving, your caree (the person you are caring for) needs more care that you are able to provide or maybe it has become too much for you to handle and it is another family members turn. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to transition your role as senior caregiver. You can do so with these tips.

1. Define the role.
2. Pay attention to other family members.
3. Voice your concerns.

Start by defining your caregiving roles to help with the transition. Whomever will be taking over your role will need specific instructions on exactly what you have been doing as the caregiver. Create a calendar with clear instructions for each day. This may sound like a lot of work, but it will be helpful and require less phone calls when you are relieved of your role.

The calendar that you create will make your replacements job a whole lot easier – they will know exactly what to do each day and at what time. The more specific the better. After the calendar has been created, go over it multiple times, with both the new caregiver and the caree. Including the caree is important.

During the role switch, remember other family members. If you are a mother who has been taking care of her mother, don’t forget about your children and your husband. Set aside time for family and friends to keep them from feeling neglected and to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Keep the lines of communication open between you and your replacement. You both need to be good listeners to one and another, which will help everyone involved.

Once you have transitioned all of the caregiving roles, don’t forget to stay in touch. You are no longer responsible for the caree but they are still your family member or friend and remember to treat them as such.

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