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When Emergency Strikes Senior Living Communities

Emergency response plans aren’t reserved for senior living operators in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast states during hurricane season… that’s why Moves for Seniors works year-round with senior living communities, housing providers, and nursing facilities to prepare contingency plans and respond quickly when disaster strikes. Those of us in the industry may sometimes stay up at night thinking of all the steps involved in emergencies, especially at heightened times of concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, operators and industry providers can sleep well when knowing that partners like Moves for Seniors – with our full network of trained, trusted, and thoroughly vetted professionals local to you – is just one phone call away, any time of day or night, to protect what you need protected should a tornado, deep freeze, or wildfire head your way.

Check out this guest post in McKnight’s Senior Living, written by our very own EVP Bob Burg, about why emergency preparedness is so critical for the senior living industry and our top recommendations for all of our strategic partners. You’ll also see a couple examples of how Moves for Seniors has responded to natural disaster calls for evacuation to quickly and safely relocate bulky belongings and community necessities, and even used our network to help find accommodation for displaced residents.

McKnight’s Senior Living | When emergency strikes senior living communities   September 16, 2021

Thinking about starting or updating your own emergency response plan? Give us a call to see how our network of resources can help your community when disaster strikes.