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Help Dad Ship His Old Mattress

For years you have been trying to convince dad to get a new mattress but as usual he isn’t budging! Rather than fighting a losing battle, help dad ship his mattress to his new senior living facility. He will feel right at home with his old mattress.

Shipping Dads Mattress

Photo Credit | 123RF | @ Cathy Yeulet

The first step in shipping a mattress is to not allow dad (or mom) to help. Mattresses are big and bulky and sometimes quite heavy, which could easily cause dad to fall or hurt his back while trying to lift it. Which brings us to our next point, always lift with your legs. Mattresses shouldn’t be too heavy to lift but they are not exactly easy to move around, so be careful and smart.

Next, remove all of the bedding, including the mattress pad. These should be placed in a box and clearly labeled with your name, address and the details of the contents on the inside.

After all of the bedding has been removed, put the mattress in a bag. The mattress bag will protect against moisture and dirt. The wrapped mattress can then be put in a mattress box. Mattresses boxes are easier to find than you might think. Now, you can easily get a mattress box on Amazon and if you are a Prime Member, shipping is free!

Note – Mattress bags and boxes are both found on Amazon or EcoBox is another good option.

Once the mattress is boxed and labeled, you can start taking apart the headboard, foot board and support beams. Remove all of the hardware, place it in a zip lock bag, label it and securely tape it to the inside of the box.

The support beams, headboard and foot board should be wrapped in a moving blanket – two if you want to be extra careful. Wrap the blankets with packing tape to hold the blanket in place. The support beams can be wrapped together. These items should be boxed as well and clearly labeled.

And when the time comes to ship, call a reputable moving company, we recommend Moves for Seniors. We have been shipping for over twenty years and know what we are doing.

Call today 800-227-0515 or click here for a free quote and help dad sleep like a baby in his old mattress.