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Helping Your Parents Find the Right Home

Most seniors desire to live in their home as long as possible; unfortunately there are factors that may involuntarily force them to relocate to a more secure environment such as a senior living facility. Seniors move into senior living facilities on a needs-based case – primarily when their children (the adult child) notice a significant change in the seniors’ ability to care for themselves. Many times, decisions are based on declining health, death of a spouse or because the home is simply too big to keep up.

Helping Your Parents Find the Right Home

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Moving your parents  requires clear communication. Start by speaking with your parent/s to find out how they feel about moving into a facility and if they have a preference as to what environment they may be most comfortable in. They may have insight into which facilities their longtime friends are currently living at, or maybe they have a hobby that is prominent at a specific facility; whatever it may be, speaking with your parent is the best way to start the process.

Below are housing options when deciding where your parents should live.

                  • Senior Living Facilities
                  • Assisted Living Facilities
                  • In-home care
                  • Granny Pods

Senior living facilities provide seniors with the much needed social life, activities and companionship that many seniors are missing. These types of facilities are best suited for seniors who are generally healthy and who are looking for a space to enjoy life accompanied by other seniors they can socialize with.

Assisted living facilities are exactly as they sound, they assist seniors. Assisted living facilities help with a senior’s day to day activities; such as getting dressed, bathing, cleaning, etc. — things that have become difficult with age. These facilities are designed for seniors who need daily assistance that they are not receiving in their current living situation. On average these facilities cost approximately $40,000 annually.

In-home care is for seniors who desire to live in their own home. These seniors may already live in a neighborhood surrounded by friends and other activities that they enjoy and may not want to leave, but need additional help with their day to day routines. In-home care can be expensive, costing seniors on average $250-$450 per day and for some $2000 per month.

Granny pods are also a great option but are not as common. Granny Pods are modular homes built specifically for seniors and placed in the adult child’s backyard. It’s quite similar to an in laws suite that is conveniently accessed by the adult children who have taken on the responsibility of caring and keep a close eye on their parent/s.

Speak with family members about these options and figure out what best suites your parents elderly moving needs, then contact Moves for Seniors by calling (800) 227-0515 and we will provide you with one of our Specialty Move Coordinators to start the moving process.  We look forward to hearing from you!