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How Does Moving Insurance Work?

“Plan for the worst but hope for the best” is a common quote and is important to remember when planning a senior move. Moving companies usually do not plan their truck breaking down or a crate falling off, but accidents do happen to the best of us.

Shipping companies can guarantee the utmost care of your possessions as well as prevent accidents, but sometimes they are out of our control. This is important to remember and you should consider moving insurance when senior moving. It will cost less to purchase insurance that to replace your valuable items such as furniture.

How Does Moving Insurance Work

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How much will moving insurance cost?

Depending on the moving company and the items being moved, pricing can vary. Moves for Seniors will provide you with the first $500 of insurance and then the you will need to pay an additional $4 for every $100. For example, if you are insuring a $1500 piece of furniture than it will cost you $40.

With most senior moves, you are not shipping just one item, but most likely a household full of items. If you have quite a few items and are unclear of what the items are worth, you qualify for blanket insurance through the carrier. Prices for blanket insurance will vary but will cover your total shipment. Ask your specialty move coordinator for more information on how much you will need to pay.

Before you ship your items, take photos of all of your stuff, this will be a huge help when filing for insurance.

What will you need to make an insurance claim?

Moving Insurance does have restrictions. You need to inspect your items upon delivery and immediately make a note of the damages on the Bill of Lading – the driver will wait so that you can do a thorough inspection of your items.

After you report damages, photos and proof of the items value will also be required. The original receipt is the best proof of purchase, but if you cannot find it or if your item is an antique, researching similar items on eBay or Amazon may also be used as proof.

Once you have collected the evidence needed for your claim, you have approximately two days (or 48 hours) to submit the claim. Claims processing can sometimes take up to a month to be completed.

*If shipment is accepted without making note of any damages, make a note on the Bill of Lading and submit it with your claim.

What happens if I decided forego insurance and my items were damaged?

By Federal Law your senior move will be covered by Limited Liability. Limited Liability insurance does not usually cover much– usually only $.10 per lb.

Wouldn’t you rather be safe and not sorry? Hire a tenured senior moving company that has a reputation for little to no accidents during shipment of clients’ valuables; Moves for Senior’s specialty shipping service, is here to serve and bring you peace of mind. Call today for your free quote at (800) 227-0515 or click here.