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How to Properly Pack a Box

Packing a box is a very important part of senior moving. It may sound simple, but there is a science to packing a box. If a box is pack incorrectly, there is a much higher chance of damage, both to the box as well as the items inside.

How to Properly Pack a Box

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Below is an important list of packing tips to remember:

• The location of the items within the box.
• The amount of items placed inside the box.
• The weight of the box.
• The amount of packing material used within the box.

Location of items within the box. Heavy and non-breakable items should be packed on the bottom of the box, with items of less weight on top. Keep in mind if an item is heavy and breakable, it should be on the bottom with extremely lightweight items, such as bath towels and kitchen placemats, surrounding it and on top.

Amount of items inside the box. As a senior, who may be doing some of your own lifting, keep your boxes on the lighter side to make it easier to lift. Even though there may look like there is plenty of space within a box, do not over-pack. Not only will an over-packed box be too difficult to lift, there is a higher chance of the box ripping open and all items falling out of the bottom.

The weight of the box. Pack your boxes in a weight in which you are comfortable lifting. If you have a large box and you want to fill it, then fill it with lightweight items, such as plastic cups and snacks from your pantry – anything that will be easy for you to lift without hurting yourself.

Packing material. All boxes will require packing material, even if the items are not breakable. For the breakable items, make sure you use enough packaging material. Your wine glasses and fine dishes will need to be protected more than your everyday plates. Wrap your wine glasses in bubble wrap.

Packing material is not only used to keep fragile items safe, but it should be used to prevent movement within the box. When items shift, there is a higher chance of damage and breaking. So remember, once you have reached the weight limit on your box, use bubble wrap, newspaper and old towels/clothes to put in the box – in the open spaces.

After the box has been packed correctly, use a lot of packing tape to reinforce the box. Tape should be used both on the top to close the box, as well as the sides and the bottom. Taping the entire box will help prevent items from damage.

And lastly, correctly label your box with your full name, address and which room the box should be moved to – such as the living room or kitchen.

Take your time with your boxes and pack them properly – this will prevent damage during the move. And remember whenever you are ready to move or ship a box, call Moves for Seniors – the senior moving and shipping experts!

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