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How to Ship a Pull-Out Couch

A pull-out couch is a great way to create a bed for visiting guests, while still keeping the living area roomy and spacious. These couches are especially beneficial to seniors, as they attempt to rightsize but still plan on utilizing all of their space. Most seniors no longer need the king sized mattress in the spare guestroom, but they still desire an extra bed in case an out of town family member comes to visit, or a grandkid wants to spend the weekend with grandma– either way a pull-out couch may be the perfect addition for a senior’s house or living facility.

How to Ship a Pull-Out Couch

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You now see the beauty in a pull-out couch, and recognize the benefits of owning one. Maybe you already have the perfect pull-out couch, and now you want to ship it to your child to have in their home so when the time comes for you to visit, you have a place to sleep. But the question then becomes, how do you ship a pull-out couch? What does that require?

The easy option for shipping a pull out couch is simply to buy a new one with “free shipping,” but that isn’t always an option… it can be pricey.

Shipping a couch across country, or even locally, does not have to cost you $1000! With a reputable shipping company, such as Moves for Seniors, you can ship a couch for a couple hundred dollars. Quality shipment and a decent price – how can you beat that!

The first step is to determine the dimensions of your couch, as well as estimate the weight. Alternatively, an average weight can be used to make the process less complicated for you.

(For example, the average pull-out couch weighs around 275 pounds).

Before you can calculate your dimensions, remove the sleeper. To do this, the cover from the bottom of the sofa must be removed. The bed should be opened completely and the mattress removed.

Cover the mattress in a plastic mattress bag and then box it.  Mattress boxes can be easily purchased off Amazon.  Once the mattress has been detached and boxed, remove the bolts from the bed frame and place them in a zip lock bag (don’t forget to label the bag!) Fold up the bed frame and secure it shut with zip ties before shipment. Removing the mattress will lighten the couch, costing less money to ship.

Next, protect your couch by removing the cushions and place them in a large bag – a garbage bag will do just fine. The bag will protect the cushions from getting dirty – however, they will not protect from damage. Along with the cushions, remove the legs (if you are able).

After detaching all of the removable items and pieces of your couch, wrap the remaining frame in (multiple) moving blankets followed by shrink wrap to keep the blankets in place. The more moving blankets and shrink wrap, the more protected your couch. Better safe than sorry!

Keep in mind, Moves for Seniors offers a white-glove shipping arrangement. In this case, the mattress will be wrapped for you by the movers! You won’t have to lift a finger. Although pricier, it may be worth it for those seniors who don’t want the hassle of detaching and boxing the pull-out couch themselves.

Finally, a friendly health reminder, do not attempt to move the couch yourself if you have a bad back or knees. Carrying a pull-out couch is not a solo task! Ask a friend or family member to help. If you are unable to find someone to help, then hire laborers or movers to do it for you. Your health comes first.

And as always, call Moves for Seniors today to ship your pull out couch at 800-227-0515 or click here for a free quote!