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Senior Relocation Stress Syndrome Research Paper

Moves for Seniors is the premier moving services provider for seniors, caregivers, and senior living communities. We know how difficult moving can be for older adults, so we work hard to provide moving solutions that are simple, stress-free, comforting, and pleasant.

Over the past 10 years, Moves for Seniors has been a pioneer in providing moving services designed specifically for seniors across the US. As we continue to evolve and lead this market segment, we are really excited to announce that we have published our first-ever research paper about Senior Relocation Stress Syndrome.

While we may have started out as a simple moving company, the services that we have continued to add have helped us to become much more than just a moving company. Along with this growth, we have begun to focus on research and thought leadership around all things related to senior relocation. This is something that we deal with every day in the world of senior logistics and wanted to share this knowledge.

You can click here to download a free copy of our paper on Relocation Stress Syndrome.