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Items You Shouldn’t Move Yourself

There are years of sentimental items in your home including furniture that you wouldn’t give up even if someone paid you. But that doesn’t mean you should move it yourself. There are items that you shouldn’t physically move because it may cause injury. There are also items that we highly recommend not sending with movers.

Items You Shouldn't Move as a Senior

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Below are common items that seniors should not be moving as well as items we feel would be safer transporting yourself.

Seniors Shouldn’t Physically Move Heavy Items

As you age, there are things you need to seriously think about before attempting to lift heavy items – your knees, your back, joints, etc. Think about any additional health conditions you have as well. Do you have a heart condition where stress on your body would send you to the hospital? No matter what, you should have help moving the following furniture:

• Couch
• Dining Room Table
• Mattress and Box Spring
• Desks
• Drawers
• Wardrobe
• Chest
• Armoire
• Bench
• TV and TV stands
• Refrigerator
• Fish Tanks
• Love seats
• Recliner Chair

If you want to help, move smaller furniture items such as light weight chairs, small end tables, pillows and blankets. Just be careful that you don’t take too much and risk falling.

Personal Items, Both Sentimental and Value

When shipping items of high value (sentimental and monetary), moving them yourself is the best option to avoid these items being damaged or misplaced. The following may be considered items of high monetary or sentimental value:

Collectible Items Not to Ship

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• Family photos
• Collectables
• Family recipes and cook books
• Children’s school work and artwork
• Jewelry
• Wills
• Insurance
• Identification
• Securities
• Cash
• Stamps

If you are unable to keep all items with you and must ship some of them, taking photographs of these items is a good idea. If any items do get misplaced, at least you will have the images of your prized possessions.

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