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Moves for Seniors Announces COVID-19 Vaccinated Crews in 50 Markets Nationwide and Counting

PHILADELPHIA – Oct. 2021 – As a leading service provider of move-related services for seniors nationally, Moves for Seniors has launched a safety-focused initiative to make fully vaccinated moving crews available to as many clients as possible. This effort to ensure the safety of seniors and the communities they live in has resulted in fully vaccinated crews available in 50 markets to date, with ongoing efforts to add new markets weekly across the national network.

Moves for Seniors can provide vaccinated crews for clients upon request in key markets including New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Tampa, Denver, Miami-Dade, Phoenix, Detroit, and more. This specialized offering comes to market at an important time, as senior living operators continue to navigate pandemic-related challenges and seniors seek safe and secure service providers.

“Our organization is purpose-built for seniors and a critical goal for us is customer safety,” states Chris Smith, Founder and CEO of Moves for Seniors.  “Since the pandemic started, we have been leading the way in safely transitioning seniors. In 2020 and early 2021, our primary focus was on securing all required PPE for moving crews and complying with community requirements so that every interaction was safe. We succeeded in that realm nearly 100 percent of the time and have completed more than 4,000 moves since this all started.”

Bob Burg, Moves for Seniors’ Executive VP, says, “We work with many of the top 20 senior living operators. They are dealing with a lot right now, most notably delta variant concerns and staffing shortages. Ensuring safety within their communities is a top priority and they value a logistics partner that shares that priority. Knowing they have an on-call provider for internal move support and resident move-ins fulfilled by vaccinated crews takes a weight off their shoulders.
Moves for Seniors’ Covid-19-related efforts will continue to evolve as the situation changes. The company is collaborating with owner / operators, local communities, and vendor partners to identify needs, opportunities, and challenges on an ongoing basis. Getting out ahead of requirements such as fully vaccinated providers allows the company to offer unique value in the moving and logistics space. The current initiative complements a suite of emergency response solutions focused on senior safety and community risk management.

About Moves for Seniors
Moves for Seniors, a division of Transit Systems, Inc., is leading the way in providing innovative moving and downsizing related solutions for the senior housing industry and the residents they serve. Comprehensive service offerings are tailored to create consistency and efficiency at the operator level, reduce risk and maximize occupancy at the community level, and enhance the transition experience at the resident level. Since 2007, Moves for Seniors has been dedicated to addressing the downsizing and moving needs of seniors nationwide.

For more information, email Bob Burg at [email protected]

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