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Moves for Seniors Honors Veterans with Our Partnerships

As a national company focused on moving services for seniors, Moves for Seniors has partnerships with many exceptional moving companies. They all help us to provide a valuable service to our customers. Recently, we partnered with a moving company that we would like to highlight this month, especially as we celebrate Memorial Day and the brave men and women who have served America.

Moves for Seniors Honors Veterans with Our Partnerships

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Veterans Moving Help is a company owned and operated by Veterans. They employ over 300 highly skilled moving helpers nationwide who are also Veterans. Their experts are just that, experts, who have all of the experience and know-how to move seniors in the most efficient, effective and respectful way possible.

Customers who hire Moves for Seniors have the chance to connect with the crews from Veterans Moving Help, as many seniors are Veterans themselves. If they are not a Veteran they definitely knew someone that was/is and will be able to connect on a more personal level.

In addition to working with Veteran owned and operated moving partners, Moves for Seniors is also proud to be the Nationwide Moving Partner of Holiday Retirement, one of the largest operators of senior living communities in the US. Holiday Retirement not only provides seniors with a great place to live, but they dedicate space in each of their communities for their residents who have served our country.

We only work with the best partners and both Veterans Moving Help and Holiday Retirement are exactly that, the best! Both companies truly understand and appreciate all that our Veterans have done for us and are doing what they can to give back!

So when you call Moves for Seniors to book your senior moving services, know that we do our part to help and honors our Veterans.