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Need to Sell Your House Quick? Try These Tips!

Have you been on a wait list for your favorite senior living facility and recently found out it’s time to move in? If you answered yes, that means you need to sell your house, and quick!

Sell Your House Quick

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Spring is a great time to sell your home. With the right upgrades, price and realtor, your house can sell quickly at the price you are looking for. Before you know it, you will be playing cards with your friends in your new senior living apartment.

Below are some of our best home selling tips.

Remove pets. Buyers do not want to walk into a house and smell dog or see a cat litter box in the bathroom. Ask a family member or friend to watch your pet while you try to sell.

Make sure the price is right. Many people feel as though they should price their home above what it is worth in hopes someone will counter with the price you are looking for. This theory may work if you have the time, but since you need to sell quick, price it at what it is worth. You may even want the price lower than the market.

Ask for or hire help. Whether you have children or friends that can help you, you will need a list of helpers. You can hire or ask for help for the following areas.

• “Curb appeal is everything” – hire a landscaper to clean out your flower beds, weed and mulch. Add a few fresh flowers as well. You may even want to purchase a new mailbox.
• Paint – There are many places you should paint in a limited amount of time. Start with the front door. This is something you can do yourself. Paint the interior walls and garage door.
• Clean and declutter – Hire a cleaning company. They will have your house cleaned in a few hours. Have the carpets cleaned as well.

Choose a reputable realtor. This is important – you need a realtor who will sell your house at the price you want in the time you need.

• Take professional photos of the house along with neighborhood pictures.
• Your realtor will know where to list your house – Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com
• Make sure your house is on social media websites, especially Facebook.

Stage the house. There are many companies that will come in and help stage your house. This depends on how much you want to spend and in what condition your home is currently in. Ask your realtor about this.

Be flexible with showings and an open house. The more people looking at your house, the better chance of selling at the price you want.

With all of these tips your house will sell! Trust us, you will be moving into your new senior living apartment before you know it.

And Moves for Seniors will be there to do all of the heavy lifting! You sell your house and we will move you into your new one.

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