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Organizing and Creating a Garage Floor Plan

Many seniors are moving into 55+ communities – one floor, easily accessible rooms and many have garages for all the ‘stuff’ seniors have accumulated over the years. Today we want to share with you a way to map out an organized garage plan.

Organizing and Creating a Garage Floor Plan

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Garages reflect our lifestyle. Some people’s garage are completely organized and planned, and many are messy with stuff thrown everywhere – depends on the seniors’ personality. They also reflect our interest and the time of the year. This time of the year, many families store beach chairs, water toys and ride-on toys in their garages. Many seniors store their golf clubs and suitcases in their garages. Depending on what you are into and the time of the year, is what is in your garage.

Creating a garage plan will help your garage maintain some type of organization, at least for the time being!

First the following are things to consider when creating a garage floor plan:

• Will you park your car in your garage?
• Is it a one car or two car garage?
• What do you plan on storing?
• Do you plan on using it as a workshop?
• What is considered short-term and what will be long-term storage?

These are important items to consider when creating a garage floor plan, the most important being the size of your garage. Once you know what size you have to work with, you can start to draw up a floor plan.

It is also important to consider your budget. Can you afford to purchase shelving, a tool bench, hooks and hangers? Or are you working with what you have? Another thing to consider is an attic, do you have one over your garage or do you have it in your budget to add one.

Many men, even women find it important to add a workbench and even a few cabinets for tools, paint supplies, batteries, etc. Labeling the cabinets and containers is essential. For those of you with a lower budget, consider re-using old coffee containers or protein containers for nails, batteries, hooks, etc.

After you are aware of what you need to keep in your garage and how much you can or cannot spend, you want to think about how often you will use each item. For example, if it is summer and you plan to golf, keep your golf clubs accessible or if you travel to the beach, hang your beach chairs at a level you can reach and easily obtain them. For your snow shovel and your snow boots, put them up high (be careful) since you will not be using them in the near future.

For more information on plans and ideas, either visit your local home improvement store or Google, “garage floor plans” and you find many examples. Some people prefer to talk to someone about it and other prefer the Internet, so whatever works for you!

As you plan your garage floor plan, call Moves for Seniors to help move your items into your new 55+ community!

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