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Packing Grandma’s Cookbook for Shipping

Grandma always makes the best food! Whether she is making her homemade apple pie, her classic vege pizza or her yummy homemade donuts for Donut Day, Grandma’s recipes are quite often handed down from generation to generation. That is why it is important to take extra care when packing Grandma’s recipe book for shipping!

Shipping Grandma's Cookbook

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The first and most important way to ship Grandma’s recipe book is to take a picture of every single recipe. This ensures that you have all of the recipes on hand if by chance the box is damaged or lost in transit.

Below are tips to prepare Grandma’s cookbook for shipping.

Start with an extra strong box. Purchasing a new box is the best option because it will be more durable. Used boxes are not recommended due to the lack of durability used boxes tend to have. Once you have purchased your box, use packing tape to support and secure the bottom box both inside and out so that the recipe book and any other books you may add to the box do not fall from the bottom.

Wrap Grandma’s cookbook. To decrease the chances of moisture getting into the box, wrap the book in plastic or put it in a plastic zip lock bag. To protect the spine of the book from damage, wrap it in packing paper or for the most protection, cardboard. This will help preserve the cookbook while in transit.

Place the cookbook in the box with the spine down.
Placing books spine down in the box may further protect the book. If you would prefer, you can also place the cookbook in the box straight up like you would on a book shelf. These are two of the best ways to pack books in a box.

Fill any open spaces in the box. To avoid shifting while in transit, place newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts in empty spaces within the box so that nothing shifts. If you rather not purchase these packing materials, you may also use hand towels, pot holders, wash cloths, or anything soft that you have around the house.

Do not make the box heavier than 30 lbs. Boxes over 30 lbs. have a higher chance of falling apart or crushing at the seams. Make sure that the boxes are not overloaded to assure safe shipping of your books.

And lastly, label your box, FRAGILE. Books tend not to be fragile; however it is a good idea to write ‘FRAGILE’ on the box to make movers aware that they need to be extra careful with handling the box, and that is exactly what you want!

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