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Preparing Healthy Meals without a Kitchen

Moving into a senior living facility typically results in downsizing, which takes a great deal of sacrifice and adjustment. Most senior living facilities make you scale back your kitchen, or even eliminate your kitchen all together. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of cooking! It is time to learn how to prepare a healthy meal without a full-scale kitchen.

Preparing Healthy Meals without a Kitchen

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You may have to sacrifice your full kitchen, but you certainly do not have to give up cooking your favorite recipes.

There are many store-bought cooking devices available that can properly cook food, just like an oven or stovetop. If you are moving into an apartment that only has a refrigerator and sink, you should invest in one of the following:

• Toaster Oven
• Hot Plate
• Rice Cooker
• Steamer
• Slow Cooker

The items above are a great alternative to real kitchen appliances, and can help you create quick and easy meals in your new senior living apartment.

First, it is important to speak with your senior living manager to find out what items are allowed in your new apartment.

Then, think about what type of meals you are interested in cooking. Are you looking for steamed vegetables and rice, or do you plan on making meals over hours of slow cooking?
Below are details of what you can expect with each cooking device:

Toaster Oven – A toaster oven can broil and bake foods. You can roast vegetables, bake fish, and even cook a hamburger. It is also a very convenient way to reheat left overs, sandwiches, etc.

Hot Plates – A hot plate is an inexpensive alternative to a stove top. You should be able to cook anything you would cook on a stove top with the help of a sauce pan or frying pan.

Rice Cooker – For the seniors looking to cook rice or make a stir fry, this is the easy-to-use cooker for you.

Steamer – Invest in a steamer to help maintain a healthy and nutritious meal plan. A steamer is great for all vegetables.

Slow Cooker – A slow cooker can cook just about anything – mac and cheese, pulled pork, chili, soups, etc. So many options and so easy! You could even cut the recipe in half for the many seniors looking for a recipe for one.

Below are a few links to recipes for one that you can use the items listed above.

Baby Spinach Omelet – easy to cook on the hot plate
Tomato Sandwich – easy to make in your toaster oven
Rice Cooker Mac ‘n Cheese
Cucumber Salad – you won’t need anything but a cutting board and a knife

And remember when the time comes to move into a senior living apartment to call Moves for Seniors. Not only can we help you move, we can provide you with healthy alternatives to cooking without a kitchen!

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