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How to Ship a Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

One out of two seniors suffer from sleep deprivation – it could be due to the stress of moving into a senior living facility, to new body aches and pains or sleeping problems that often occur as we age.

How to Ship a Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

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Have you tried switching your 20 year old mattress? Maybe someone you know has a latex or memory foam mattress that didn’t work for them but might possibly work for you!

Memory foam and latex mattresses contain advanced pressure relieving material that is designed to minimize pressure points and provide natural body alignment. Memory foam is also temperature sensitive and conforms as your body warms it. On the other hand, latex foam provides great durability and pressure relief and is available in many different comfort options.

Once you have decided that you want to try a memory foam and/or latex mattress, and you found someone who is willing to ship it to you, the next step is to learn how to ship it correctly. Here are the instructions for shipping a memory foam mattress. Please note that these instructions do not apply to Tempurpedic mattresses that state they must ship flat.

Shipping a memory foam mattress

These types of mattresses are shipped by rolling the mattresses, just like you would a sleeping bag. Lay the mattress out flat and then roll it up. Once it is rolled, tie it to keep it together. A shoe string will work or some other type of strong string.

After it has been rolled, place the mattress in a plastic bag. The plastic bag will need to be vacuum sealed and air tight. When the air is removed, the mattress will shrink. Once it has shrunk, place another plastic bag around the air tight mattress and box it. Boxing the mattress will help prevent damage to the mattress during shipping.

Write “mattress” on the box to make the movers aware. If a mover knows that there is a mattress inside a box, they may be more careful with sharp items such as a fork lift that could puncture the box and the mattress.

Find a reputable shipping company

Once the mattress is rolled and wrapped, you will need to contact a shipping company to schedule a pick-up. There are many options available such as UPS and FedEx as well as moving companies that specialize in shipping ‘one-off items’ items such as a mattress.

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