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Shipping a Paddle Board Cross Country

Were you an avid paddle-boarder back in the day? Are you hoping to pass along the tradition by teaching your kids or grandkids how to board? If so, we have advice on how to ship a paddleboard across the country to a loved one!

Shipping a Paddle Board Cross Country

Photo Credit | 123RF | @ Marek Uliasz

Start by wrapping your paddleboard.

You will need lots of bubble wrap, pipe insulation and a box (or two). The better you wrap your board, the more protected it will be from getting damaged. Using the bubble wrap, wrap your board completely – front and back. We highly recommend lining the board rails with pipe insulation and taping it along the perimeter for ultimate protection. After your board is wrapped and taped, it is time to tackle boxing it.

Boxing a paddleboard can be difficult – especially finding the right box. Below are two ways to find a suitable box:

Ecobox – this company has boxes in many unique shapes and sizes. Contact them at 888.932.6269 and ask about a box that fits the dimensions of your board.
SUP Shop – Contact your local shop and ask if they have any boxes laying around that you could purchase.

Make sure to label your box. Delivery men can be rough during the shipping process, as well as moving during transit. It is important to use the right label, so we suggest, “Top Load Only PLEASE” as well as “No Forklift PLEASE.” Adding please could help with the deliverymen. Manners go a long way!

Now your paddleboard is boxed and ready for shipping. Contact your local freight shipping company for a quote. You will need pick-up and delivery zip codes, as well as the dimensions for the quote. All shipping companies will provide a free quote, so why not get multiple quotes. Make sure you look into their reputation as well – make sure that you hire a reputable moving company such as Moves for Seniors.

Paddleboards are an awkward item to ship, which is why we highly recommend purchasing shipping insurance. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Below are two important things to remember upon delivery.

Arrange for personal receipt – be available for delivery
Inspect and note any damages upon delivery – do not let the driver leave until all damages are noted and reported to the shipping company

Tip – Save money by dropping off your paddleboard and picking it up at the terminal. Ask the shipping company for more information.

Call today at 800-227-0515 or click here for a free quote, ship your paddleboard and “Get Your Paddle On!”