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Shipping Beach Chairs, Buggies and Toys

There aren’t many people who do not enjoy the beach! The beach is perfect for people of all ages, whether you are a young child playing in the sand, a teenager playing beach volleyball with your friends or an adult relaxing and reading a book – the beach is a place for all!

Shipping Beach Chairs, Buggies and Toys

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As you age, getting to the beach becomes more difficult. The walk to the beach, standing in the water and even sitting in a beach chair all day isn’t as easy and comfortable as you remember. With that said, it is time to “rightsize” your beach supplies.

What do we mean by rightsize your beach supplies?

Start by going through all of your beach supplies – Your beach chairs, your beach buggy cart, the games, coolers and toys. Decide what is worth saving and what is too old to hold on to.

Once you know what you plan to keep, contact your loved ones and find out what they would enjoy. Maybe you have a beach chair that your son has always wanted or a favorite beach game that your grandkids would love – either way, if your kids could benefit from your beach supplies, you should share with them!

After you figure out what you plan on sending, take stock of what you have. Figure out the dimensions and the weight of each item, and then contact a senior moving company, such as Moves for Seniors. Moves for Seniors specializes in helping seniors “rightsize,” which includes shipping your furniture and boxes.

To save money, find a large enough box that will hold your beach chairs, along with the other items. If you can’t find a large enough one or if it is difficult to handle such an awkward and heavy box, it may be beneficial to use multiple boxes, especially if the items vary in size, shape and weight. One of the hardest beach items to ship is your beach buggy cart because of its awkward shape and size. You could ask a local beach supply store if they have a beach buggy box OR if you know the dimensions of the beach buggy, you can order a box online or from a shipping store, box yourself and then ship it to save money.

Most shipping companies that consolidate shipments in order to save you money are not able to guarantee an exact pick-up or delivery date; instead, they give an approximate date. Of course, the shipping company will call you ahead of time to confirm the pickup and delivery dates and make arrangements with you. This is an easy way to ship if you have boxed everything yourself and want someone to come and pick it up at your home. OR you also can save even more money if your family members can pick up their beach packages at one of the shipping company’s terminals – just check with your Moves for Senior sales representative as to how much you can save!

And remember, when the time comes to “rightsize” and ship your beach supplies to your loved ones, call Moves for Seniors! They know how to move and they know especially how to move for seniors like you!

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