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Should Your Senior Parents Buy an Emergency Cell Phone?

In this day and age, 99% of the time you will see at least one person around you busy on their cell phone. People constantly use cell phones for checking emails, looking up directions, taking photographs, socializing, and even browsing the web. But what, exactly, would a senior do with a cell phone?

Should Mom and Dad Buy a Cell Phone?

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Most elderly parents moving into an independent living facility will have a land line, as well as contact with the front office, as a way to connect to their family. So do mom and dad really need a cell?

Is it worth the monthly bill and if so, which phone would be the best and easiest to use?

We feel the answer depends on the certain situation, however a typical senior moving into an independent living facility would most likely benefit from having a cell phone. Most seniors moving into independent living facilities are still mobile and some, if not most, still drive. It is important for mom and dad to have a way to get in contact while out and about.

Most seniors would benefit from a cell phone that is extremely self-explanatory, as well as one with an option to enlarge the writing or text. There are many types and styles of cell phones available with multiple apps. We want to share, what we feel, is the best cell phone for mom and dad:JitterbugPhone

Jitter Bug

The Jitterbug is a flip phone with large buttons and a 5Star emergency button, great for seniors. The menu is easy to use with YES/NO questions and the screen is bigger and brighter than ever before. It also comes in a smart phone for the more advanced seniors.EmporiaEuphoria


This is not a smart phone, nor is it considered a flip phone. It is an easy-to-use cell phone in the bar format. Again, it has larger buttons and an emergency button that can be set up to dial to whomever the senior prefers as an emergency contact.DoraPhone

Doro PhoneEasy

A flip phone that answers a call when you open it and ends a call when it is closed – seems pretty basic of a concept for seniors to grasp. It also has a GPS system set up to the phone so it can be found at any point in time – just in case mom or dad get lost, you can go find them!SnapFon


This cell phone is in bar format and once again has the larger buttons with a bright screen and an emergency button. The important thing to remember with this phone is that it is hearing aid compatible, which could be very beneficial for some seniors who have trouble hearing.

It is essential to think about what is important to your parents when moving them into senior living. This is a time when mom and dad could truly benefit from a cell phone – even as a safety requirement. It can be helpful during the move for movers to be able to reach out directly to your parents, instead of going through you.

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