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Moving to Assisted Living Checklist: The Top Items Seniors Need

As seniors continue to age and as many are moving into senior living facilities, there is a list of must-have important items that they shouldn’t be without. Here is a list of items every senior shouldn’t be without, whether they are living alone or moving to assisted living.

Top Must Have Items for Senior Citizens

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These items have played and continue to play an important role in senior’s daily lives.  The three items listed first are strongly related to health and security and should be taken into consideration before the other items listed.

          • Mobile Alert System – These come in many different types.  Seniors could have an alert set up on their phone, a button on a chain that they wear around their next or a system set up in their home that is set off when they fall. No matter the type of alert system, it is very important to have something along with someone set up to respond when there is an emergency.
          • Pill Organizer/Dispenser – Many seniors are taking multiple medicines and pills daily.  An electronic pill dispenser is an excellent way to make sure all of their pills are taken on time.  If an electronic pill dispenser isn’t available, make sure that someone (a caregiver or medical professional) is putting their pill dispenser together weekly with the correct pills.
          • GPS Tracking Device – This is commonly used for seniors with dementia or those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  There are many types of GPS tracking devices available.  Figure out what best suits the senior’s situation and who should be doing the tracking.

The next items are important to have but will vary depending on each senior’s situation.

          • Walking Aid – There is a wide variety of walking aids such as a walking cane, standard walker, rolling walker, and a deluxe walker.
          • Locked Box – Many seniors living in a senior living facility are too trustworthy and leaving cash and other valuable items unprotected in a drawer or jewelry box.  Seniors need a locked box that only they and/or their caregiver (someone that they trust) has access to. This will help prevent loss of money and other important items.
          • Key/Badge Locator – There are many apps for phones and other devices that are available to locate keys (car keys, house keys, security card, etc.) The important thing to remember is to keep the locator in an easy to remember and safe location.
          • Senior Friendly Computer/Tablet – Many seniors want to stay connected to family and friends but are not familiar with the latest technology. Seniors should visit their local computer shop and ask the representative for an easy to use tablet, desktop or laptop. Something that they can turn on, turn off and use with minimal-to-no-problems.

And here are a few less important items but ones that are recommended and might even be a good gift for the holiday season!

          • Warm Robe
          • Non-Skid Comfy Socks
          • Cozy Pajamas
          • Alarm Clock
          • Dressing Aid/Shoe Horn
          • Reacher

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