Exercising Through the Ages

Exercising Through the Ages

Physical exercise couldn’t have changed all that much in the past 100 years, could it have? We’ve all been exercising the same way forever, right? Wrong. Exercise trends have been shifting and adapting to cultural and technological advances since the dawn of human civilization. Staying fit has been a human concern since widespread industrialization, when […]

How to Ship Grandpop’s Clock

Shipping grandpop’s clock can be tricky business. There are many fragile parts that need to be taken care of before loaded onto the moving truck. Shipping a grandfather clock can be a difficult process; which is why this is an excellent blog to read before your senior move. Grandpop’s clock has a high value, both […]

Let the Sun City Poms Cheer You Up

Let The Sun City Poms Cheer You Up

Back in 1979, a group of women came together to cheer for the Sun City Saints women’s softball team in Arizona. Thirty-six years later, those women are still performing with the same enthusiasm and energy they had in the ‘70s. They’re the Sun City Poms, a cheerleading squad made up entirely of senior women. According […]

Moving Parents Across Country

Moving Your Parents Across Country

There are many things to consider when moving your parents across country and it can be quite overwhelming; first you will have to figure out how many items your parents need moved? You will then need to research a moving company that best fits your parents’ needs. Last but not least, you will need to […]

Tips for Improving Communication While Moving

Tips for Improving Communication with Siblings During a Senior Move

There are many emotions involved when moving your parents. These emotions can cause communication between siblings to be more complicated and difficult. Whether you have an excellent relationship or a rocky relationship with your brothers and sisters it is not always easy to communicate during your parents’ right sizing. Moves for Seniors wants to help […]

Keeping Tabs on Three Top Tech Trends

Keeping Tabs on Three Top Tech Trends

It seems like only yesterday we were digging through dictionaries, encyclopedias and thesauruses to find the information we wanted to know. Now, if you have a recent smart phone, all you need to do to find that information is hold the device up to your mouth and ask it. The rate of change in the […]

Why Do Baby Boomers Love Adventure

Why Do Baby Boomers Love Adventure?

Deb Gaillard is a Baby Boomer. Like many of her generational peers, Gaillard has taken an extreme liking to adventure travel. In 2013, she told the Wall Street Journal about a few of the activities she’s participated in in her recent travels over the past few years, like building an igloo while traveling in Romania […]