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How Exercise is Beneficial to Moving

Moving causes high stress levels, whether you are a senior rightsizing or moving into a one story home, when you are under this kind of stress you can feel a high amount of anxiety and depression.

Exercise is extremely beneficial to a senior moving. Exercise not only boosts energy, helps you maintain independence, manage symptoms of aging, but it can also play a positive role in your move.

Exercise Has Many Benefits to Seniors

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What are the benefits of exercise?

1. Reduces the stress of moving. Working up a sweat helps manage both the physical and mental stress of moving. Exercise boosts your body’s ability to deal with the mental tension of moving.

2. Boosts overall mood. Many times, moving can be sad, even depressing; especially on a senior who has lived in their home for decades. Exercising can alleviate these symptoms by releasing endorphins countering those feelings with happiness and euphoria.

3. Lowers your risk of memory loss. There is a lot to remember and to prepare when moving and exercise can help. Exercise lowers your risk of memory loss and even lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It helps the brain fight cognitive decline and boosts the chemical that supports and prevents degeneration of hippocampus (part of the brain for memory and learning). In addition to exercise, Moves for Seniors has a FREE Senior Moving Checklist available Senior Moving Checklist as a supplemental tool to help remember all of the parts of your move.

4. Builds strength and stamina. There is definitely a physical part to moving which we are aware of. Most heavy lifting should be left for the professionals, but there is an amount of moving that will need to be taken care of. Exercise both builds strength and improves balance, along with reducing the risk of falling. Exercise increases metabolism (which starts to slow down as you age) and builds muscle mass. Also, it enhances mobility and flexibility.

Exercise is the best thing for your body at all ages but especially as you age. Seniors should exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Exercise is not clearly defined, but it doesn’t have to be running a 5K, it could just be talking a walk, yoga, or even taking time to stretch.

What types of exercise should seniors be doing?

Exercising benefits moving

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Cardio – Walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, dancing, tennis and golf are all great options. What type of cardio you do depends on your activity level. If you have been running all of your life, then a light jog or long walk would be perfect – hey if you can still run, go for it! Swimming and dancing are for all levels and there are many classes you can take for both. Are you a member of your local country club? If so, tennis or golf could be fun with your friends. Do what works for your body!

Strength and Power Training – Resistance training and lifting weights. You could join a gym and talk to a trainer about what would work for you. Or you could purchase a work out video and weights and do your weight training at home. Start with very light weights to see how much your body can handle and be careful not to over extend yourself.

Flexibility and Balance – Yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Again these can be done by joining a class, doing it at home with a video or starting a class with friends in your neighborhood. Just be safe when doing it at home.
Exercise is a great way to maintain the lifestyle that you are accustom to. It also, is a great way to relieve the stress and anxiety of moving.

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