Senior Living Decorating Ideas

Functional, comfortable and safe. These are three very important adjectives to consider when decorating and designing a senior living space. Moving into a senior living facility doesn’t have to be a drag, instead it should be viewed as a new experience. This means bringing style and comfort as well!

Senior Living Home Design

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Remember to bring the comforts of home to their new senior living home. Keeping this in mind should be the main part of the process in making a smooth transition.

Make it is a place they would like to call home!

Start by figuring out what is important to them. Look at their previous home before they move out. Figure out what photos, artwork and other important items they would like displayed in their new home. Look at their colors and other things that they find important in their home and recreate the look without the clutter.

Review the layout of their new space. Take a look at the new space and what furniture you have to work with from their previous home and come up with a plan. If a large couch doesn’t fit, use the love seat and donate the couch. Make sure that the love seat is easy to get out of or use an uplifting seat and other senior safety products. Try to use their current furniture; now isn’t the time to buy new furniture if they do not need to.

Use hidden storage space. There are many pieces of furniture that have a double purpose such as an ottoman. Ottomans are great for relaxing and putting your feet up but they can also double as a storage space. Use bookshelves and armories (ones that are sturdy) as a place to store books and sentimental items and they can double as a walking assistant.

Strategically place their furniture. Placing the furniture around the room will help with walking and balance. Make sure that the walkway is clear as well as strategically placed.

Paint using neutral colors and void patterns. Paint color is important in any home but especially for seniors. Greens, yellow and blues are excellent calming colors for their new home. Try to make sure the colors differentiate between rooms. Busy patterns can cause confusion for seniors, so avoid these in their new living space.

Remember to use night lights at night in hallways and the bathrooms.

Be careful using plastic fruits and vegetables along fake plants. This could be confusing, especially for late night snacking. And if you are using fake plants, make sure they are aware and are not watering a fake plant!

Purchase bold colored bowls. Many adults moving to a new home feel overwhelmed and tend to lose their appetite. Bright colored bowls make eating more exciting and may enhance eating. Also, handles are very helpful on drinking glasses and even bowls.

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