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Stay Cool During a Senior Move

With summer comes heat, and with senior moving in the summer, the heat can be especially dangerous – so how can we battle the heat and stay safe while moving? Don’t worry because it can be done! We have your ice cold tips to stay cool!

Stay Cool During a Senior Move

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First, and most importantly, stay hydrated! Sweating can cause dehydration, and that is the last thing you need—especially combined with the stress of moving. Water will not only keep you cool but healthy as well. Pack a large cooler full of ice and drinks. Stick with mainly water; flavored water is good too, but definitely not soda or alcoholic drinks. And if it gets too hot, the ice is fun to cool you off as well.

Wear lightweight clothes. Short sleeve or sleeveless and shorts or capris are your best options for moving day. The least amount of clothes, the better, worn tastefully, of course. Be careful with your footwear; you may be tempted to wear sandals, but remember you will be moving around a lot, so sneakers are your best choice for the day.

Keep the air conditioner on low. For a day or two while you are moving, do not worry about keeping the windows and doors shut to keep the cool air in. You are going to have many people moving furniture in and out, so it doesn’t make sense to keep your air conditioner on high. Keeping it on low will still allow anyone feeling overheated to be able to take a break and cool off in the air for a few minutes. Make sure that no one overdoes it.

Invest in fans. Rather than using the air conditioner, you could just purchase a few fans. They don’t have to be expensive. Go to Walmart or check online, and purchase a few fans placing them around your house on moving day.

Try neck coolers or cooling towels. Check online (like Amazon) for “neck coolers.” These are towels made of special material that you soak in cold water and put around your neck to keep you cool. They are actually quite inexpensive and are perfect to help you cool down.

And lastly, get wet! If you have a senior living community pool, tell your friends and family members to bring their bathing suits and sporadically go for a dip – a quick swim will definitely cool your body temperature down. For those of you who do not have a pool handy, suggest a sprinkler and water guns for the children and even adults helping you – anything to cool your movers down.

If you have any more tips for staying cool in the summer heat, please share with us!

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