8 Senior Vacation Spots

Senior Vacation Spots

Looking for a place to vacation this summer? We have the top 8 places in the US specifically designed for seniors to visit.  These places have great views, lots to do for seniors and are easily accessible and walk-able!

Healthy Senior Snacks

Healthy Senior Snacks

Looking for for a healthy alternative to snacking? We have some great snacks you should try! Rather than reaching for the BBQ chips and the salsa and dip, try some precut vegetables or a bag of nuts.

Different Levels of Senior Care

As you age, you find yourself looking for a new home with less responsibilities.  Some of you are turning 55 and looking for a senior living community and others find ourselves falling down more often – either way, you are looking for a home with options that relate to your changing needs.  Below are all […]

Happy Birthday Brian Dennehy

Happy 78th Birthday Brian Dennehy!

Today we want to celebrate an American actor we all know and enjoy – Brian Dennehy! Brian is 78 years old today. He is a well-known actor both in film and TV as well as on stage. His breakthrough role was as a corrupt Sheriff Will Teasle in First Blood which debuted in 1982. And […]

Shipping Beach Chairs, Buggies and Toys

Shipping Beach Chairs, Buggies and Toys

There aren’t many people who do not enjoy the beach! The beach is perfect for people of all ages, whether you are a young child playing in the sand, a teenager playing beach volleyball with your friends or an adult relaxing and reading a book – the beach is a place for all!