Caregiver Responsibilities

7 Primary Responsibilities of a Senior Caregiver

Senior caregiving is one of the most rewarding experiences in life but can often times be a challenge, both mentally and physically. Being a caregiver comes with great responsibility; it helps to prepare yourself prior becoming a senior caregiver. Start by reading the 7 primary responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

Shipping Grandma's Cookbook

Packing Grandma’s Cookbook for Shipping

Grandma always makes the best food! Whether she is making her homemade apple pie, her classic vege pizza or her yummy homemade donuts for Donut Day, Grandma’s recipes are quite often handed down from generation to generation. That is why it is important to take extra care when packing Grandma’s recipe book for shipping!

How to Pay for Senior Living

Three Ways to Pay for Senior Living

Paying for senior living, for many seniors is a burden; not only for the senior but for the family as well. Going into an assisted living facility may not necessarily be a choice that seniors make, but rather something that is needed due to many factors. Below are three main options that you can look […]

Does Wisdom Come With Age?

Does Wisdom Come With Age?

“With wisdom comes age.” The ancient adage has seemingly existed since the dawn of human society. The correlation between wisdom and age as a basic concept appears in both early Greek and Chinese philosophy. The proverb is arguably most often attributed to a passage from the Book of Job: “Age should speak; advanced years should […]

How to Properly Pack a Box

How to Pack a Box Correctly

Packing a box may sound easy, but can be quite difficult if not done correctly. Whether you are preparing for a senior move or shipping an item, using the proper materials, filling the box to the correct level and wrapping items inside will make a significant difference in how the items survive the move.

How Does Moving Insurance Work

How Does Moving Insurance Work?

“Plan for the worst but hope for the best” is a common quote and is important to remember when planning a senior move. Moving companies usually do not plan their truck breaking down or a crate falling off, but accidents do happen to the best of us. Shipping companies can guarantee the utmost care of […]